Lambeth house

A while ago I pinned this picture of a beautiful kitchen with a huge AGA stove. Today I camed across the same picture was intrigued and decided to look for more. After clicking more than 10 tumblr sites (oh... boy.... tumblr sites are so annoying in deleting all the original sources of a picture) but as I said after digging really hard I came across the wonderful site of JJ locations, and yes, there was more, many more! This house is a semi (?) Victorian house situated in the borough of Lambeth, South West London. It's a very bright house with a classic feeling. The use of natural light is well achieved, with a tone-on-tone chosen pallet, white washed floorboards lots of whites and soft, muted greys. I would live in this 8 metre fantastic kitchen. You?

Photography: via JJLocations

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